Monastery and church of St. Jovan Preteča in Gomirje

The westernmost Orthodox Church monastery in Europe, which also houses the church of St. Jovan Preteča, is located in Gomirje. The monastery is believed to have been founded in 1600 and the construction of today’s church began in 1719. The Orthodox church of Gomirje monastery is a single nave building, built as an annexe to the three-winged single-floored monastery. Traces of baroque decorations are visible on the inner walls. Since it was built, the monastery has been known as a spiritual centre of Orthodox believers.

This is a female monastery, maintained by two old nuns and archimandrite Mihajlo who leads the liturgies.

Today, the monastery leads a quiet life far from the public eye. The State authorities give little weight to this establishment as an important spiritual centre and historic and cultural monument.  

The event we saw constituted a small step towards casting some light on the monastery to make it more visible to the public. After all, everything starts with small steps.

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