We wake up at dawn with the chirping of birds and a rooster crowing!

We go to the monastery and hear the bells signalling the beginning of liturgy while the priest holds the prayer.

From the monastery we head towards the village while listening to the sound of water and crickets chirping.

A car passes by only occasionally!

We arrive at the farm where sheep are joyfully running around and the dog is barking to let his owner know that someone is in the yard.

Cheers and hullabaloo can be heard from the nearby playground… kids are enjoying themselves.

Cars are passing by! We are now at the fire department for the reception on the occasion of

The Glad to Be Here event.  

Soon we head to visit a sawmill where we can barely hear each other.

It is deafeningly loud!

We head to the railway station situated by the Dobra river.

The river is wild after the heavy rain, howling and roaring!

A train is heard in the distance approaching the station. Its brakes are screeching…

The journey takes us to the village inn where crowds of people converse loudly, and music is blaring.

It is night time!

The sounds of crickets and dogs barking in the distance are the only sounds heard outside.

The train leaves while we count its cars!

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